Game Farm

Game Farm

‘You want the best birds?? Try Cambrian Birds...’

What We Offer;

  • Pheasant Poults
  • Day Old Pheasants
  • Partridge
  • Day Old Partridge
  • Duck Growers
  • Day Old Duck
  • Cambrian Coops

We would be happy to discuss any stock requirements you may have. Quotes are made on an individual basis depending on requirements. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will always do our best to assist you.

Rearing Fields

In 2015 birds are reared across three separate rearing fields. Whitley Farm is Cambrian Birds’ primary rearing site. Located near to the Welsh border in Shropshire, the 8 acre, three field site provides the ideal environment for producing strong and healthy birds. Our partridge are reared 2 miles from Whitley at Moat Hall Farm in a secluded and sheltered corner of a traditional dairy holding. Our third field is based in Garthmyl, near Newtown in Mid Wales.

All of our rearing fields are carefully selected to provide optimum conditions for the birds to develop. Our fields are well drained and sheltered and this coupled with the generally favourable weather conditions of the area contribute towards giving our chicks the very best start in life.

When ready our birds are let out to roam in large grass runs. Bigger than your usual run ours measure 80 feet by 30 feet we believe this will give the birds the room they need to develop and mature. Insufficient space can really inhibit a bird’s health and growth rates so we decided to remove this from the equation by enlarging our runs.

All of Cambrian Birds’ farms are overseen by Anthony who makes it his business to visit each one regularly during the first week or so from delivery of chicks. This ensures that any potential problems can be picked up on and dealt with quickly - Prevention is better than cure! This also means that Anthony can pass on his valuable knowledge to the rearers so they can learn and improve their own rearing skills as we develop the game farm enterprise into the future.

All aspects of the rearing operation have been carefully considered to ensure we can produce the best livestock, and ultimately strongest and most powerful birds for your shoot. We do everything we can to ensure the consistent quality of our stock and we believe the location of our rearing fields along with our unique coops gives us the platform to deliver.


New for the 2016 rearing season Cambrian Birds have installed a new State of the Art hatchery. We have installed brand new French Machines and can set in excess of 48,000 eggs per week throughout the season. We believe that having control over this aspect of a bird’s development will enable us to produce a stronger and healthier chick and ultimately a more powerful flying bird with fewer losses on the rearing field and release pen.

The first day or so of a chicks life are critical to its development and by reducing the distance and time the day old has to travel from hatchery to rearing field will certainly have a positive effect on rearing percentage and the quality of the bird throughout its life. We supply day olds to our own game farm as well as all over the UK so if there is anything we can help you with then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Anthony Pryce

07807 553 059

Ed Davies

07852 963 432

You can also contact a member of the team via our contact page.

Cambrian Coops

Cambrian birds are reared in bespoke poly-tunnel style coops, designed and built at Whitley Farm. Our expertise and experience in rearing meant that we could purpose build a coop more efficient, safe and effective for the development of our birds than any available on the market. We wanted to create a warm yet airy environment for our birds as well as allowing significant increases in space for those working in the coops on a daily basis. We place emphasis on preserving the heat by well insulating all aspects of the coop. The plastic sides are far simpler to clean and disinfect than traditional plywood, and all coops can be dragged on and off the rearing fields as they are built on skids. This ensures that the hassle of erecting and dismantling your coops each year will be reduced as coops can remain stored on the field until next year.

Our pheasant coops are 4 bays long and are split into two halves. Each coop has the floor area of 24 feet x 10 feet wide. This gives ample floor area for the chicks to develop as well as being narrow enough to drag the coops through smaller gateways and gaps.

We can build coops to various specifications depending on requirements and are more than happy to design and supply our coops to the market. The coops would certainly lend themselves well to rearing all forms of poultry and could even be used by gardeners as a greenhouse by changing the polythene to a clear variety.

Please do get in touch if there is anything we can help you with or if you have any questions regarding Cambrian Coops.