Consultation & Products

Here at Cambrian Birds we don’t believe in trade secrets and want to ensure that everyone in the industry has the opportunity to learn and improve. As a result we offer a consultancy service where we can inpart advice on any aspects of your game farm, shoot or sporting estate.

We have been rearing game and improving shoots for over two decades and if our experience of the industry could be of use to you we would be delighted to help.

Some things we can assist with include;

  • Increasing your rearing percentage
  • Disease prevention advice
  • Breeds of pheasant
  • Location and makeup of game cover crops
  • Improving your woodland for game
  • Improving drives or creating new ones
  • Holding birds more effectively
  • Medication advice
  • Guidance on feed
  • Getting the best from partridge
  • Feeder and drinker advice
  • Getting the most out of your shoot

We will always offer an honest opinion in every individual case and will always do our upmost to ensure that our input has a positive impact on your business. There are no two sporting estates the same and there is always the opportunity to adapt and improve by making some changes, however large or small. It may just take some impartial outside advice to make that good drive into the superb drive it always had the potential to be.

If you think this may be of help to you please do let us know and we will be more than happy to discuss what we could do for you.